This morning coffee features ebola and drug smuggling

A tip to those who like to smuggle their drugs using baubles from the holiday season: try to choose the right holiday. For instance, smuggling cocaine in Easter Eggs at Christmas will attract attention.

(a tattoo of ebola, on this guy.)

To us here at the Big Bad Blog, the weirdest thing about the whole Julian Assange thing is the mainstream media’s handling of it. Glenn Greenwald gives a good rundown of it here.

The Banker’s Trade Association has been trying to get Cambridge University to censor a Master’s thesis that highlights security flaws in the chip-and-PIN system used in debit and credit cards. The reply from the University is a beautiful thing.

The morning coffee and the evil manipulative cat

Science is at it once again! This time, proving that cats are manipulative bastards, who know how to get you to do what they want.


Believe in reincarnation? Upset that you will have to start over, after a lifetime of building up your material possessions? Not to worry! The reincarnation bank is here for you! Simply deposit your money, and take it out in your next life. How will we know it’s you coming to withdraw the money? Because you will know the secret handshake.

Would you like to see how devastating global warming is? Here are some spy satellite photos of retreating ice.

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