4 of 52

When I try to come up with ideas for these photos, I typically think to myself: ‘What have I been doing lately?’

The answer, unfortunately, is always the same: Running

Yesterday I ran 15 miles for the first time since running in Shelter’s Urban Rush back in October – and I even managed it in about the same time, despite that it was not actually a race.

I think that means I’m faster now. Which probably means that you should be supporting my marathon run for Shelter. In all seriousness, it’s been cold here in the UK this winter, and this is money that helps put and keep people in homes, where they can be warm and safe. It’s important stuff. It also means you get to dress me up while I sweat, which I hope sounds like fun.

In any case, here’s Big Bear, aka Beary, aka Rosie, dressed in my Urban Rush shirt:

8 of 365

None of us can be perfect. I, for example, spent time arguing with somebody who was wrong on the internet. We can all be weak.

Anyways. Day 8. An angry old bear on Twitter.

Links, with more Star Wars than usual

Orwell’s preventative stupidity does exist.
A broken camera can fetch $500 on eBay. If you’re funny and show your boobs. And refuse to take offers for your cat.
Soy Jizz
Gandalf is mistaken for a tramp outside a theatre.
This man needs your Mad Skillz!
Mummified baby laid to rest, and then disappears from grave shortly thereafter.
My favourite newspaper headline pun of the month (so far). Or maybe last month.

Chef dies after feeling eel.

Businesses are so busy violating our privacy, that it’s nice to see the (rare) instance where they try to protect their customer’s rights. So bravo, Amazon!