The morning coffee is blind as a bat

Whenever I hear the phrase “blind as a bat”, from now on I will think of Daniel Kish.

Kish is incredible — he is completely blind, but navigates his surroundings using echolocation. Rather than walking around slowly with a white cane and depending on others to help him navigate the world, he rides bicycles.

Simply incredible.

Photo is Lake Michigan, by muxu.
Webcomic is Cyanide and Happiness, by Rob DenBlyker.

The morning coffee, monkeys and tuna

The mystery monkey of Tampa Bay is out there. A rhesus macaque monkey in Florida has apparently been on the run for a year now, and wildlife authorities have been unable to catch it. They insist that they are not being outsmarted by the monkey. With apologies to Gary Morse, who made the statement, if you have to explain to the media that you are not being outsmarted by a monkey … you are being outsmarted by a monkey. You can find the monkey’s Facebook page here.

(from Polaroid Brings the Beast by Ariele Baragona)

Bluefin Tuna will continue to be traded, as the proposal to ban its trade failed. Expect to see tuna on the endangered species list in a few years as a result.

Do you not believe that we are living in the future yet? Perhaps the future for you is right around the corner. Cures for blindness and autism, and a vaccine for brain tumors, are right around the corner.

The morning coffee has cured blindness!

Will this mean the end of laser eye surgery? Contact lenses containing stem cell cultures cure blindness.


In Seattle, a man was briefly detained for being dressed like a zombie.

Finally, the Big Bad Blog must ask: Are pens eventually going to be banned from airplanes? Because these things are certainly more dangerous than the nail clippers and bottled water I am not allowed to carry with me.

Today’s webcomic is from Abtruse Goose: