The morning coffee and the blender

Today marks the first of three double-rent days. Which is to say that Saturday is moving day, and we already have keys to the new place. If you were wondering what you should buy as a housewarming gift, there is always the option of the jewel-encrusted kitchen knife.

(from Amazing Knits)

Apple’s new iPad device has been a hot topic on the Big Bad Blog all week, but we have forgot to ask one important question: Will it blend?

If you are put off by aspects of the iPad, but buying into the hype, worry not! Forty-nine other tablet devices are scheduled for release this year. You will have plenty to choose from.

The morning coffee is lacking pants

One of the most fascinating things I have read on the Internet in a long time is this interview with an anonymous Facebook employee, where they talk largely about privacy, and a little bit about weirdos on Facebook. It’s worth reading.

(Audrey Deluxe performs Burlesque as Boba Fett. Photo by Shannon Cottrell. More here.)

New York. Subway. No pants. That’s just the way they roll.

Book burning might be out of fashion, but argues here that gradual changes to copyright law over the past fifty years are accomplishing the same thing.

The morning coffee and the dolphin tattoo

Warning! If you are suffering from constipation, the Big Bad Blog recommends that you do NOT put hammers into your anus.

(Photo by dormany44)

I’m not sure which is the more disappointing news story this morning: That people get fired when their bosses learn that their wife is a porn star, or that people in Wisconsin want to burn books because they’re afraid that they will turn their children gay.

Last — but far from least — Dolphin tattoos suck. But not as much as Dragon tattoos. Science has proved it.

The morning coffee – obscurity, Iran and burning books

In today’s news, a Christian “civil liberties” group in the United States has sued for the right to burn books from the local library.

The Big Bad Blog would like to present to you the Atlas Obscura — dedicated to “wondrous, curious and bizarre locations around the world.” My favourite atlas entry thus far is from Florence, Italy, where one can go and have Galileo flip one the bird.

The Boston Globe is deep in debt, with the New York Times looking to sell it, but having trouble finding a buyer. If it goes down, I will miss part of their online presence: The Big Picture, which arguably provides the best photojournalism on the Internet. Check out their coverage of Iran’s disputed election, for example.

And while on the subject of Iran, Twitter has rescheduled an update/downtime to ensure that protesting Iranians have access to the service this morning.