The morning coffee, transvestites, burqas and flying donkeys

I am still in awe that countries that purport to be free feel that they ought to tell people what they can and cannot wear. This article from The Guardian sums up my own opinion on the matter nicely:

Governments and legislatures shouldn’t tell people what they can and can’t wear. By doing so, they would, in every sense, be taking a massive liberty. As long as people aren’t wearing crotchless jeans outside primary schools or deely boppers with attached sparklers on petrol station forecourts, we’ve all got the right to wear exactly what the hell we like and I can barely believe that we’re having this debate.

(Blue Snow by Michael Bojkowski)

People on holiday in Russia were shocked when confronted by a parasailing donkey.

I saw this headline at the end of last week, and it is one of the great newspaper headlines of all time. I have been anxiously waiting to share it with you this morning: Transvestite had sex with a dog at English Heritage castle.

The morning coffee is all about women

Warning: Exposure to pretty women is bad for your heart.

(Atheist Barbie from Blag Hag)

In Washington State, the Catholic Church is investigating some nuns. No, they do not have their act together and are finally investigating abuses of some kind or other. The nuns are being investigated on suspicion of feminism.

For those wondering what those burqa bans in Europe do, the first news is in and is unsurprising. Rather than promote women’s rights and freedom, banning burqas in public places results in women being confined to their homes.