The morning coffee goes hacking

Today, Iran’s PressTV reports that terrorists have successfully hacked President Obama’s Blackberry. The report appears to be based on the publication of the book Obama’s Blackberry by the comedy group Kasper Hauser.

Excerpts of the book can be found on the Fox News website. Dangerous stuff, indeed.

(Photo by Slinkachu)

A woman in California allegedly bought Cap’n Crunch’s Crunchberries for years, under the delusion that they were a healthy cereal that contained real fruit. On discovering that “Crunchberries” are not an actual fruit, she sued. The verdict is now in, and is a victory for everybody who thinks that we ought to be able to assume that people are smart enough to identify Crunchberries as balls of coloured sugar.

Is a traditional bayonet not good enough? Add a chainsaw. Want a crossbow on your machine gun? Go ahead. Cracked takes us through some over-the-top modifications of deadly weapons.

We close this week of morning coffees with some XKCD:

The morning coffee is eating drugs for breakfast

The news of the day … no, the news of the week … no. The news of the year?

In the United States of America, the Food and Drug Administration has told General Mills that they consider Cheerios to be a drug, and must be marketed accordingly. Here is a Financial Times article for those (like me) who may be wondering if the original article is a hoax.


This article is titled Facebook Is So Gay.

Also: White American from Africa faces discrimination from people who cannot accept that white people can come from Africa. The young man — born in Mozambique, now an American citizen — has been suspended from medical school for “conduct unbecoming a student.” Said conduct? Referring to himself (during a classroom conversation about cultural diversity) as “white, African, American”.

Today’s webcomic is from nedroid: