The weekend coffee, now with panda photographers and balloons

Run for your lives, bees. Run.

It seems that the Environmental Protection Agency is out to get you.

Looking for a fun place for your next holiday?

Why not try Chernobyl?

Just in case there aren’t enough reasons to become a mathematician, the world threw this my way this week.

You’ll never look at Taylor series the same way again.

It was a normal student holiday. Go to China. Help some earthquake victims. Discover a new species.

Kids do this sort of thing all the time, right?

Steps to getting a record deal: Become homeless. Grow beard. Make YouTube video of self playing Radiohead song.
This newspaper correction is awesome.
Why you get lost in buildings. Hint: blame the architects.
The entire genome of a fetus can now be unravelled through a blood test performed on the mother.

I have trouble deciding if this is bad or good.

Links from staycation’s edge

cutting_loose In the last nine months the Democrats have moved to the right, and the Republicans have moved to the mental hospital.
Goodbye, CSI? DNA evidence can now be fabricated. chernobyl
piglamp Science attempts to explore the impact of garlic on vampires. Their surprising findings — vampires are not repelled by garlic. In fact, they probably like it.
The Bloggess provides instructions for how not to be fired for social networking. bat_pug
in_silence The design flaws of the Star Wars universe.
The mathematics of zombies. snow_white
sex_love Science, stem cell research, Superman and Lex Luthor. Yes, I do not know how to describe that properly.
I’m a photographer, not a terrorist. puppet_hand