This morning coffee features ebola and drug smuggling

A tip to those who like to smuggle their drugs using baubles from the holiday season: try to choose the right holiday. For instance, smuggling cocaine in Easter Eggs at Christmas will attract attention.

(a tattoo of ebola, on this guy.)

To us here at the Big Bad Blog, the weirdest thing about the whole Julian Assange thing is the mainstream media’s handling of it. Glenn Greenwald gives a good rundown of it here.

The Banker’s Trade Association has been trying to get Cambridge University to censor a Master’s thesis that highlights security flaws in the chip-and-PIN system used in debit and credit cards. The reply from the University is a beautiful thing.

Links – dancing with dinosaurs and debilitated snowmen

Ryan Air is being sued by Easyjet. Rather than respond with a countersuit or a PR campaign, instead Ryan Air’s CEO challenges Easyjet’s CEO to a race. The article does not mention the entry fee to be charged to Easyjet’s CEO should he agree.
If your male, and your life goal is to crash your car repeatedly and survive, it is apparently better to wear your seatbelt and get fat. Women: You should wear your seatbelt and have a healthy mid-range BMI.
For those unaware, the image to the left is inspired from the absolutely incredible short film Rejected. You can be it on Youtube by clicking this link.
An interesting take on the evolution of the career of the writer. Most interestingly, writing ability does not bring success in writing. Instead, it is persistence and the ability to withstand constant rejection. One wonders how many Joyces and Irvings have never come to press, in favour of the Stephenie Meyers of the world.
Susannah Breslin on suicide.
Want to know more about the history of pubs? There is a free conference in London one week from today.
Security experts at the University of Cambridge claim that Chip and PIN is broken. I disagree. There is a means by which Chip and PIN can be compromised. That doesn’t mean that it is less secure than the traditional swipe & sign.
Is Christian Bale really Kermit the Frog? You be the judge.