The morning coffee and the summer break

Hey kids! It’s the middle of June, and you know what that means: Summer Break!

Unless, of course, your school shaved five minutes off the day thirty-four times this year. For those missing three hours of education, your entire school gets a one month detention. See you in July!


Feeling blue? Need some schadenfreude to help you along? Badhap can help.

PETA releases their official reaction to President Obama swatting a fly.

A beautiful morning for links

bad_face_day Dear Virgin Airlines … the world’s best complaint letter?
You Ask, They Answer? Neil’s Yard, seller of homeopathic remedies, promises to answer questions but then gets cold feet and refuses to debate their critics. gummi_bears
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The best of the worst: Critical Amazon reviews of the classics star_trek_dolls
beard_champion Roses are red
Violets are blue
You brought me to your friends wedding
And I made out with a dude
Police buy newspaper, and demand that editors who have been critical of the police be fired. shadow
circus Cola destroys muscles
Moonshiner arrested caterpillar