Links, now including explosions

A school board in Pennsylvania is being sued — they are being accused of using webcams in laptops to spy on students. A suggestion that those who put the plan in place should be charged with creating a child pornography ring tickles my fancy.
Once upon a time there was no pesticide, traditional folk remedies were used. Some think it was a better time … Science Based Medicine does not agree.
A man and his banjo love.
Life as America’s Hat.
Nine out of ten dentists recommend that you do not attempt to eat your Olympic medal. The tenth is just greedy.
Utah thinks that Martin Luther King is lonely, so they’re planning to make his holiday a joint holiday with a gunmaker. Guns are in the spirit of Martin Luther King day, right?
A question: Should we clone Neanderthals?
Some criminals get a reduced sentence if they behave themselves in prison. Others get a reduced sentence for Yoga.