Thank you everybody!

Yesterday was awesome and incredible. Pictures, because there are no words:


Thank you to …

… everybody who helped by donating.
… Shelter, for being an awesome charity, and providing an excellent race experience.
… Molly @Shelter, in particular.
… Everybody who maintains the Thames path, particularly those around Hammersmith and Richmond.
… Karen and Maggie, who put up with my ridiculous training schedule.

That was a lot of fun. Let’s never do it again.

And it’s not too late to DONATE. Shelter doesn’t stop needing support just because the marathon has ended.

And then there were two

Sleeps, that is. 48 hours from now, I’ll be well into my post-race celebration. London Marathon, here I come.


A week ago, I offered to match the next £500 of donations to my Shelter fundraiser. Since then, you’ve come through with £425.

So please tell me you’re not done yet. I’ll still match the next £75 donated between now and the race (10:00 BST on Sunday). So don’t wait around – donate now, while you can still double the value of your donation!


I posted a guide, but there are now updates!

There is an official spectators guide, and APPS! For iPhone and Android! I have no idea if any of these things are useful.

There is also a runner tracker, allowing you to stalk me online on race day. I’ll be runner #2783.


I’m ready.

Costume countdown

We are down to 26 hours and 29 minutes until the costume decision is made. Our Second World War Ace Pilot has taken a firm lead over the Trumpian ‘Make America Great Again’ red hat.

But it’s not too late for the hat – or any other idea – to make it to the top. Simply donate, and mention in the comment what you want me to wear while I run the London Marathon in … 18 days, 12 hours, and 29 minutes.

The Leaderboard:

  1. WWII Pilot – £218
  2. Make America Great Again Red Hat – £125
  3. MM – £55
  4. AA – £50
  5. Chris – £50
  6. BB – £30
  7. Nick – £30
  8. JR – £15

Still lots of time to shake it up.

Horse VS Hat?

Yesterday, my father threw a hat into the ring. This morning, the horse strikes back.

With ten days left to determine the costume, the leaderboard now looks like this:

  1. Horse Head – £131
  2. Make America Great Again Red Hat – £125
  3. MM – £55
  4. AA – £50
  5. BB – £30

(Initials are used where a costume has not been suggested. Apparently people with alliterative names don’t like choosing costumes.)

What happens now? Does hat struggle back to the top? Does horse prance on to victory? Do my alliterative friends reveal their inner super heroes and combine into a third costume choice? Does something else join the board?

Ten days left to influence my choice of race day outfit. Please support me.