The morning coffee vs the homophobes

The Morning Coffee, you might have noticed, generally includes a Webcomic. One of our favourite – hence most common – webcomics is Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

One thing that confuses us here at the Morning Coffee is how organisations such as the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) can exist. Here is an institution that is dedicated to a single thing: denying rights to a minority group.

How such a group can exist in 2011 — how many people think the existence of such a group is acceptable in 2011 — is beyond me. We often link to amazing new technological breakthroughs in this space, and claim that we are living in the future. Sometimes it seems that we are reliving some of the more inglorious moments of our past.

But … here comes the good part. NOM appropriated today’s choice of Webcomic for their website — but they hotlinked to it. So Zach Weiner, author of the comic changed the image to the following:

Of course, here is the original comic. And Mr. Weiner? We salute you.

Photo found at FFFFound. Photographer unknown.
Webcomic is Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Weiner.

Your Halloween coffee

If you’re like me, you will be spending much of the day watching scary movies. Here is a list of scary movies I won’t be watching this year.


I’m not in charge of the movie selection.

Halloween is, of course, a time at which many young ladies briefly become exhibitionists, using fancy dress as an excuse.

Here are some sexy costumes best avoided.

Panicking this morning?

Do you need a last minute costume, or to quickly carve a pumpkin that will impress all your friends?

Evil Mad Scientist has some Halloween Projects for you to steal.

Want to make your home creepy for visitors? Have a bunch of Barbie dolls lying around?

Then we suggest that you make yourself a Barbie Zombie Garden.

Alternatively, you could work on making an area look haunted … using lego.
This Stormtrooper Costume is a quick and easy Halloween costume, for those facing party emergencies.

The morning coffee poisons your children’s hearts and minds

Before we get around to poisoning the children … London! Your bus stops are about to get some fancy art screens — help choose where they’re going to be, so you will have a chance to check them out before they are vandalized!

(From Here Comes the Sun, by Dorotka Kaczmarek)

Poisoning children, Samurai style! With lead paint.

Poisoning children’s minds, Halloween style! The Slutty Cookie Monster might be the most disturbing costume of the season, this year.

The weekend coffee, cat armour and turtle sharks

I would not be surprised if some of the readers of the Big Bad Blog immediately leave the site to check out the cost of plane tickets to New York, on discovery that there will be Doctor Who themed burlesque.
Some of the advice being given about being sensitive to the different customs of foreigners in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics is hilarious.

For instance, when speaking with Mexicans, avoid mentioning their war with America in 1845-6.

Why would I start a conversation with a random Mexican on that particular topic?

Science discovers what is being called a Life of Brian effect in the human brain. Not terribly interesting, other than the name being awesome.
Apparently having sexual relations with a mannequin in a public park is not legal in West Virginia.

Who knew?

A porn star showing pubic hair causing a backlash?

You wouldn’t think so, but apparently that’s what happened after Sasha Grey went nude on HBO’s Entourage

There’s been lots on baby names in our coffee this week — a trend that we’re continuing over the weekend.

Your name also has an effect on what you do and where you live. Denises become dentists, Louises tend to live in St Louis. And so on.

I’m generally not a fan of arguments that would not convince anybody. After all — the point of arguing something is to convince somebody (even if that somebody is yourself).

But I can’t help but enjoying the argument that gay marriage is good because it brings us closer to a Sci Fi utopia.

German radioactive boars are running amok.