The morning coffee, porn, strippers and church

Strippers? Pornography? This morning coffee is going to be popular with the search engines.

We begin with pornography. Lyndsey G shares her thoughts about the impact of pornography on our sex lives. It is a fantastic look at how our environment shapes our expectations, and face-coating climaxes. Here’s a particularly fantastic excerpt:

As recently as the ’80s and early ’90s, facials weren’t all that common, but to look at porn today you’d think some Porn Pope had issued a Pop-Shot Bull decreeing that facials were the only proper type of cumshot and must be used in Blue Films unto boredom.

(Solar powered airplane Solar Impulse in flight, piloted by Andre Borschberg. Photo by Fabrice Coffrini. Found at The Big Picture.)

Churchgoers picketing a strip club? Not morning coffee material. Strippers responding by picketing a church? That gets our attention.

Finally, the science of baby names … or at least baby initials. If they spell something good, your child will live longer. Spell something bad, there may be an early death. So avoid baby UGH, and go for baby ACE.