The morning coffee and the curseless phone

It turns out that if you swear into Google’s new phone, it will bleep you out — in a manner of speaking. The voice recognition software changes cursing to hashmarks … fuck into ####, if you will.

Google’s reasoning is that their software is somewhat inaccurate, and they don’t want somebody to try to use voice recognition to ask where can I buy a fudge?, and get something different. I, however, think fudge lovers would also love hookers.

Andrew Schoultz's installation, Monument Yard
(Monument Yard, by Andrew Schoultz)

I found a new blog, called e-mails from crazy people. A good introduction to it is this e-mail, from somebody you never want to go on a date with.

Jim McCormick created a bomb (and elephant) detector that does not work, and was arrested. Not for fraudulently claiming it could detect bombs and selling them for $40,000 each, but because he sold them to Iraq. Background on exactly how useless they are can be found here.