A special New Year’s edition of links

Wired gives us their Top 20 iPhone applications of 2009.
Last.fm gives us their Top 40 artists of 2009.
Susannah Breslin gives us her top blog posts of 2009. Adam P Knave gives us his Top 10 comics of the decade.
2009: A year in reading. The top ten things that should have happened, but didn’t in 2009.
National Geographic provides us with the Top Ten fossils of 2009. Need a New Year’s resolution? Here you go.
Wired gives us 5 legal cases that defined the musical landscape in 2009. Movies! Ten movies you might have seen this year, but shouldn’t have. And Ten movies you probably haven’t heard of, but should watch.
Cracked gives us their top 5 … everything of the decade.
The Best of the Big Bad Blog

The morning coffee and the dancing robot

A new year — a new decade — approaches. Like everybody else, you’re probably wondering what did I miss out on reading over these past ten years? Never fear, dear reader — The Guardian has anticipated this concern, and is here to help with the decade’s best unread books.

I cannot figure out why anybody in the United States uses an AT&T phone. They are now telling potential customers that they cannot have the world’s most popular phone if they live in New York City, because New York City has insufficient infrastructure.

We also present (to our bling-loving math geek readers): Rings based on the Fibonacci sequence.