The morning coffee, poker face and pandamania

Turns out that the best poker face might be a bad one — emotional expressions can alter your opponent’s strategy where a blank expression would not.

(Elvis carved into the tip of a pencil, by Dalton Ghetti)

Do you hate phone calls? Do they make you feel like shooting yourself? Then you might appreciate this combination of child’s toy gun and bluetooth earpiece.

China is conquering the world … with cute … by launching the world’s first mass-production baby panda factory. Seriously.

The morning coffee will stab you with a shark

Here at the Big Bad Blog, we love photography. We have read enough guides (and been to enough weddings) to be sure that wedding photography, however, would not be our cup of tea. That said, we can guarantee that we would be better than this photographer.

(A Shark Knife, found at Sad and Useless)

Sometimes good ideas are bad ideas. Such as this one from Freakonomics, suggesting that pilots be aired in some sort of reality-show set up. It sounds fantastic, at first, until you realize that the result would be that every show on television would be chosen by reality show viewers.

Finally — it’s official! It is scientifically possible to send a person back in time.

The morning coffee, retractions and the letter “i”

Saturday’s collection of links included one to a Telegraph article which accused the CIA of drugging a French town in the 1950s. This report is, not surprisingly, completely incorrect. Bread as a transport mechanism for a drug? Unlikely. LSD would not cause the insanity mentioned. And the chemistry behind the accusation is just wrong.

(by Adrian Pavic)

Apple has lost a court case. They do not own the letter “i”.

Have a beard? Want to go to Brigham Young University? You are going to need to apply for a beard waiver.