This weekend coffee contains dogs, experts, box flippers and Christmas spirit

This is why you should sell your old shit on eBay, instead of just throwing it out.

You just never know.

This is an excellent rant on how people are assigned to be “experts” by the media.

Reminds me that I saw a “dog expert” on BBC earlier this week. Not a dog trainer, or a veterinarian. Just a “dog expert”.

Sometimes, spam is beautiful.
One of the most awesome video-game related bloggings I have seen:

An analysis of Pac-Man ghost behaviour.

Add something new to the list of things that provoke inclusion on “terrorist” watchlists: Arranging screenings of documentaries on environmental issues.

Thank goodness. I mean, imagining having to sit beside somebody who enjoys environmental documentaries on a red eye …

Ever wonder how to get bees to make you some red honey?

Here you go!

Zoes of the world have lost their lawsuit against Renault, who will be allowed to name a car “Zoe”.
Have a fragile package that you’re putting through the post?

Avoid marking it as “FRAGILE”, or even “This Side Up”.

Links, with more Star Wars than usual

Orwell’s preventative stupidity does exist.
A broken camera can fetch $500 on eBay. If you’re funny and show your boobs. And refuse to take offers for your cat.
Soy Jizz
Gandalf is mistaken for a tramp outside a theatre.
This man needs your Mad Skillz!
Mummified baby laid to rest, and then disappears from grave shortly thereafter.
My favourite newspaper headline pun of the month (so far). Or maybe last month.

Chef dies after feeling eel.

Businesses are so busy violating our privacy, that it’s nice to see the (rare) instance where they try to protect their customer’s rights. So bravo, Amazon!

The morning coffee and the giant jellyfish

The Huffington Post has a Wellness section. Here’s why you should never take the advice found within.


eBay’s license to use the technology used in their Skype service has expired, and soon Skype may close its doors as a result.

Finally, Friday is a great day to share news about productivity at work. The world of science today tells us that playing games at work has a positive correlation with the ability to multitask.