The morning coffee, dirty ducks and historic dildos

There are dildos. And then there are historic dildos. Stone-age Swedish dildos, to be more exact.

(Found at FFFFound)

Clearly traumatized from decades of playing second fiddle to Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck has taken to molesting autograph seekers.

Also, for those of you who missed the big news: Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has been outed as a liberal plot. An evil liberal plot. And doubtlessly devious.

The morning coffee and baby Einstein

In 1997, a new product burst onto the scene: Baby Einstein. A video range that promised to turn your child into a genius, it was eventually bought by Disney, and expanded into a whole host of Baby [insert-genius-here] videos.

Surprise, surprise. Watching TV turns out not to create genius children, no matter how the video is designed. Because of this, Disney is now offering a refund to those who bought their videos and do not have a genius child.

The story makes it look like they’re offering exchanges for all video owners. However the opening paragraph makes it sound as though they’re offering refunds for those videos which did not work and create baby geniuses. I prefer the opening paragraph version.



(by Alexandra Zaharova & Ilya Plotnikov of Doberman studio)

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