This morning coffee includes a tree

The most true thing I have read this week: Chris Mooney writes when we have a solar company that’s worth as much as ExxonMobil, I’m quite confident our politics will change.

(And yes, he didn’t write it this week. But I didn’t read it until this week.)

(The Tree, by Canuck Photography)

Maggie Koerth-Baker seems to be slowly displacing Cory Doctorow as my favourite BoingBoing writer. Today, she has me pondering whether or not I would be willing to pack up Maggie and take her to Mars. That’s my Maggie, by the way, and not Ms. Koerth-Baker. Though I’m sure she would make a lovely Martian companion.

On a parting note: A neo-nazi couple find out that they have Jewish roots, embrace the religion, and become active members of the Jewish community.

The morning coffee and the muppet rhapsody

President Obama is encouraging the development of robotics. But he is also keeping an eye on them, ever-vigilant for the day they turn us.

We are the last to post the following video to the Internet. I have seen it tweeted multiple times, and on every website I visit on a regular basis. It is still sufficiently awesome to include in the morning coffee:

If you’re adopted and looking for your birth father, finding him is not always a good thing.

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