The morning coffee and the conspiracy of cycles

Here at the Big Bad Blog, we are incredibly excited about London’s new cycle hire scheme. Little did we know that this was actually part of a worldwide United Nations conspiracy to … um … pollute less and get a bit of exercise?

(from/featuring Moth Kingdom)

The lure of additional tax dollars during the depression prompted an end to prohibition. Will this recession result in the legalization of marijuana?

Andy Warhol famously featured Campbell’s Soup in his art. Don’t think the soup giant failed to notice. They wrote him a very nice letter in which they noted his love of their product.

The morning coffee and the carbon footprint

As we are all here for coffee, each and every morning, we figured we should link to something coffee-related today. So, keeping with a breakfast theme, we present The Oatmeal’s 15 things worth knowing about coffee.

(The Flaming Lips in NY, by Ryan Muir via Dethjunkie)

That banana you’re eating? The one that took a boat halfway across the world to get to your supermarket (and, eventually, your stomache) only has a carbon footprint of 80g of CO2e. By contrast, a pint of the beer brewed locally has a 300g CO2e footprint. Unfortunately, “buying locally” is not a good way to minimize your carbon footprint — the truth is far more complicated.

Oh, and coffee? Anywhere from 21 to 340g of CO2e, depending on how you make it. Despite the fact that it’s not local, either.

Finally, we give you an extremely creepy (but not as Not Safe For Work as you might expect) look inside a factory in which sex dolls are made.

The morning coffee and the Wellies

Ever think about the energy that gets wasted every day by just walking about? Apparently others have, and you can now buy a pair of Wellies that will charge your phone using the heat generated as you walk.

(by Richard Austin. We think probably this Richard Austin.)

Once upon a time there were gladiators in York.

When I see things like this, it makes me wish that I just collected cameras and camera paraphernalia. Here is something that will never be part of my camera bag due to compatibility issues, but looks absolutely beautiful.

The morning coffee, carbon offsets and origami

If you’re lucky enough to follow me on Facebook, you might have noticed that a lot of my personal information has disappeared over the weekend. Here’s why I took information off the site — and you should, too.

(An Origami Owl, from animal’s origami)

Photographers who read the Big Bad Blog (and have a limited budget) might be amused by this genius “poor man’s micro lens”.

Do you buy carbon offsets to help protect the environment when you travel? It turns out that you have just been throwing your money away — your money has done little to nothing to protect the environment. Here at the Big Bad Blog, we suggest checking out how much the offsets cost, and donating it instead to an environmental charity that you have researched properly.