A whole new blog for us to share

What’s this? More meta-blogging? You bet.

For the past few weeks, I have not been home. Instead, I have been in Canada for an unfortunately-not-actually-a-vacation. As happens when you are out of the country, Internet access has been sporadic. Which means that less time is spent madly reading and writing blogs, and more time is spent reading, talking, seeing things, taking photos.

And I think some insight, some perspective was gained.

The big insight is that I have been a bit too dedicated to the Big Bad Blog, trying too hard to keep to the schedule I have set for myself.

Between blogging, taking care of Maggie, and working, all my time is occupied. I rarely take photos (outside of Maggie-a-day), I don’t read (other than the search for blog material), I don’t exercise, I don’t go out with friends, and — most importantly — I don’t do anything any more. Museums, shows, festivals, making bad short movies … these things have all fallen out of my life.

Despite having fewer and fewer distractions, each article here at the Big Bad Blog has been receiving less attention. There is less time for composition, editing and rewrites than there was before. It seems that I am constantly running behind schedule — blog articles are too often written hastily, and too seldom edited.

The end result is unhappiness of the end result. It means a lot of quantity, but little of what I consider to be quality.

While in Canada I made a decision not to bother keeping to the usual schedule. The resulting blog posts — Birth Notes from last week is a great example — make me proud of my writing in a manner that I have not felt recently. Birth Notes was written, read, rewritten, edited, re-read, rewritten again, and edited some more. And I am incredibly happy with the end result.

I have no idea if the people reading it like it, though a few people who have left comments clearly do. But the audience is always secondary here at the Big Bad Blog, no matter how closely I might watch the site’s stats. It feels better to do it the right way and feel proud of the end result.

Canada offered perspective beyond the valuation of the process over the deadline. Spending time with family, meeting friends for brunch, visiting a museum. Even small things — visiting a hospital, reading a book before bed — gave me a feeling that my world of Maggie, work and blog had grown sad and small.

There is no slack to cut on the work side of things, and no willingness to reduce the time spent with Maggie … which means that the Big Bad Blog is taking the hit. Less time will be spent on the blog, in order to spend more time on things elsewhere.

The blog will continue, of course, but without schedule or reliable frequency. There will still be multiple articles every (well, most) week(s). The days of nine-articles-a-week are gone. Perhaps even five-a-week is too much. In its place will, we hope, be a more interesting and entertaining blog. A blog where articles are well-thought-out and edited, rather than thrown off the cuff.

The rigorous schedule has, I think, been positive for my writing ability. But it is time to reach for quality, rather than practice.

Wish us luck, and enjoy the ride.