The weekend coffee, featuring frogs and the solution to sparkling vampires

Note to would-be phone thieves: try not to steal a phone that is being used as part of a GPS tracking demonstration.
Got arthritis? It might be a good idea to get drunk.
Frogs did not always land on their feet. Once upon a time, they would belly flop and slide on their faces.
Apparently a Battleship movie is in the works. Based on the board game.

Candyland, too.

Note to residents of Missouri: Acting in a flirtatious manner towards a video camera implies consent to having your shirt pulled off on the video, and a video of your tits to be sold for profit.
Australia plans on snooping on what their citizens do while on the Internet.

How? We can’t tell you because 90% of the document is censored.

Why is it censored? To prevent debate. Seriously.

Australia is still supposed to be a democracy, right?

“Why would vampires sparkle?” is a common refrain these days. “That’s stupid.”

Well, boys and girls, they might sparkle … if they were insects! Butterflies, to be more exact.

Here’s a big surprise: The software industry makes up statistics to support their views on software piracy.