Links, including masturbation, samurai and batman

The twenty-five greatest conflicts in roleplaying games
A potentially habitable moon? Yes, indeed.
With the number of earthquakes making headline news in 2010, it is tempting to think that the frequency or intensity of earthquakes is increasing. This is not the case — death tolls are rising, but the earthquakes remain the same.
Spanish students can now take a class on masturbation.
Pokeman: The Scientific Truth.
There is a blog out there devoted to The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It is often ridiculous, but never moreso than when they decide to post some of the hatemail they receive, telling them how they are going to hell.
Is the future here yet? We can now control machines using only our thoughts.
Is the future here yet? We now have invisibility cloaks.

The morning coffee returns triumphant

We are back from our vacation. A quick reminder — updates will be sporadic until January, although we are kicking off this week with a full cup of coffee for you.

Poor in Seattle? Not cool, dude — it’s enough to bring the IRS down on you. The story is incredible — a low-income single parent is targeted for audit for being a low-income single parent, told that her low-income-parent tax deductions cannot be claimed because her income is too low. Attempting to appeal the decision results in her family being audited. Is the IRS populated by a bunch of bullies?

(by Joel DeYoung)

The war on photographing London continues — today’s penalty for taking photographs is an £80 fine.

Do you chew gum? If so, be careful. It’s a dangerous world out there.