Links, including foam, porn, robots and sports statistics

You can now create your own toilet paper! Yippee!
There are lots of sports stats geeks out there on the Internet. There are lots of comics geeks, as well. But it takes a special soul to closely examine every single Charlie Brown comic strip in order to calculate the character’s baseball statistics.
Amongst the group of things being banned in Australian pornography are porn stars with small breasts. Australian censors wants to make sure that all porn is big-titty porn.
Goodbye, lightbulb. Hello strange glowing walls.
Some advice on judges about to come down hard against copyright violators: Try not to plagiarize somebody from the Internet in your decision.
E-mails from a technology entrepreneur.
Prosecutors in the United States are trying to show that risque photos can ruin their lives — by ruining their lives. The practice of charging children with producing child pornography when they pose for photographs with their clothes on is currently being challenged in court.
Who writes bad sex scenes? Jonathan Littell, that’s who.