Getting back to the blog

After a month of inaction (for the most part — five posts in thirty days is pretty slow going by our standards), the Big Bad Blog is going to try to get itself back in action.

We’ve got a mouse, a keyboard, an internet connection, and a new profile picture. So strap on your helmets, folks.

Also, for my museum-loving readers, you should know that BoingBoing is doing a series titled My Favourite Museum Exhibit, which sounds like the sort of thing you might like.

Photo found at LOG. Origin unknown.

Link madness

Looking for conversation with a London cabbie? You may be out of luck.
This man has a bear for a pet.
The CIA once added LSD to all the bread in one French town. At least according to one investigator.
Are you walking through a tube tunnel in London this weekend? Maybe you should be.
A Jackson, Mississippi prom was called off over fears of lesbians in tuxedos.
Live in London? Use the tube? Have an iPhone? There’s now an app for claiming refunds on delayed tube journeys on TfL. Not that tube journeys are ever delayed, mind you.
Sorry, Star Trek — warp speed will kill you.
The Universal Edibility Test.

The morning coffee and the summer break

Hey kids! It’s the middle of June, and you know what that means: Summer Break!

Unless, of course, your school shaved five minutes off the day thirty-four times this year. For those missing three hours of education, your entire school gets a one month detention. See you in July!


Feeling blue? Need some schadenfreude to help you along? Badhap can help.

PETA releases their official reaction to President Obama swatting a fly.

The morning coffee and the transparant beauty queen

Today’s news: Homophobic Miss California Carrie Prejean has been fired for breach of contract. Within hours, her replacement is asked about gay marriage on Larry King Live. Her answer? Why are you looking to beauty queens for an answer?

Very good question, Miss Farrell.

Anybody know who this transparant girl is? I found it at Izismile, credited only to reddit.

Today, instead of blog and blews, we are doing video. A Capella video. Of a rainstorm, followed by Africa. Awesome.