The morning coffee, monkeys, goats and morons

Let me get this straight … somebody finally does something sensible in regards to airport security — Canada is ignoring nail scissors, and instead checking for bombs — and a moron (MP John McCallum) thinks that this is going to present a danger on airplanes?

Mr. McCallum (and others of his ilk): a person cannot take over a plane with a pair of scissors. Can not. They will be overpowered by the crew and/or their fellow passengers and arrested when the plane lands.

In the rare event that a person can take over a plane with a pair of scissors, it is not because of the scissors. It is because they are Chuck Norris.

Photo is by Jason Lee. Found at Best Week Ever with more goats ridden by monkeys on tightropes.
Webcomic is Penny Arcade by Gabe and Tycho.

This weekend coffee has plenty of animals

Are you like me, in that your browser is set to avoid tracking cookies and the like from following you around the Internet?
Then you — like me — will dismayed to learn that you can still be tracked despite your best effort.
Here at the Big Bad Blog, we have read several articles like this one, in which the author has given up soap and shampoo.
We might imagine trying such a thing, but are fairly certain that it does not mix well with fencing.
Here’s something amusing — ten commandments from the New Testament. They are amusing, because the crazed right-wing zealots who ask themselves “What Would Jesus Do?” never come up with these answers. They should.
Atheists are, apparently, considered unfit to serve in the US Military.
This wins the Big Bad Blog contest for best blog post of the week.
I’m always amused by news regarding the failure of TSA screenings. This is no exception.
Apparently a new measure of beer is about to invade British pubs: the schooner.
Reuters suggests that the schooner may end up bringing an end to the pint. While we here at the Big Bad Blog may find the word “schooner” too appetizing to not order one, we think this prediction may be a bit bold.
The New Yorker has termed investment bankers to be socially worthless.

The first coffee of 2011

Welcome to your New Year’s Day coffee. We’ll try to make it extra-strong for you.

This has to be the greatest career move ever made:
This guy quit his job, and started a business suing spammers.
Here is the New York Times, on why you should find it worrying that banks are shutting down payments to Wikileaks.
No matter your personal opinions on Wikileaks or Assange, you ought to find it troubling.
I’m not sure why I find this surprising — probably because, like everybody else, I just bought into the political rhetoric and media spin. In retrospect, it seems obvious. So, this just in:
Suicide bombers are not religious fanatics. They are just suicidal, and looking for an acceptable means (according to their religion and culture) by which to end their life.
Tennessee, where suggesting a preference for “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” can put you on a terrorist watch list.
During recent protest marches in London, with the exception of a handful of incidences, I have been rather sympathetic with the police. A significant portion of those marching have been destructive and violent, and while I disagree with kettling, it is easy to be sympathetic with the desire to avoid the violence and property destruction that accompanied the first march.
But suggesting that marches be banned? We live in a democracy, sirs. The freedom to engage in such demonstrations is more than worth the “disorder” they cause.
All hail the singing mouse! I hope it wins the next X Factor.
Have goats?
Want more milk?
Then you need some Mariah Carey.
Banks in America have been illegally foreclosing on customers who are up to date on mortgage payments, and even on non-customers who do not have a mortgage at all.
There is a word for this — theft. And it’s nice to see an article that features people actually standing up to the banks for a change, rather than just being victimized by them.