Is thirteen a lucky number?


That’s the number of days left until I close the “Steve’s costume contest” part of my fundraising.

The leaderboard remains:

  1. Horse Head – £101
  2. Mark M – £55
  3. Adam A – £50
  4. Mark T – £50

(Names are used where a costume has not been suggested.)

I’m still not even halfway towards my fundraising goal – so please donate. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford the £102 to get to the top of the leaderboard — get your idea on the bottom of the leaderboard, and if your idea is awesome it will rise to the top.

How’s the training?

This has been a light week on the training front. Tomorrow I am supposed to race a half marathon, according to the training plan. Unfortunately, I’m not registered in any races, so I’m just going to try to run 13.1 miles at a race-like pace, which will be less than a race, because practice runs are always slower.

But that means that it’s been a ‘tapering’ style week. Which, interestingly enough, seems to be leaving my legs feeling constantly sore from not enough movement. I try to tell them that they are moving way more than they did in March last year, but they aren’t listening.

Tomorrow I’ll give them a hard 13.1 miles. That’ll show ’em.

This weekend there are zombies in your futuristic coffee

Furniture that both assembles and arranges itself.

Welcome to the Future.

You see it in CSI all the time — the police compare a shoe-print left on scene to a database of prints, find a match, and it helps to lead them to the killer.

The only problem? That database may violate copyright law.

Breaking Zombie News! Dirty sanitary napkins ward off zombies!
Here is an interesting set of photos, in which pairs of photos are created, with the couples changing clothing (and position) between photos.
I am not sure what is the most incredible thing about this newspaper article?

Is it that the woman regrew part of her finger thanks to regeneration therapy?

Or is it that the woman keeps her old severed finger in the freezer?

In case you are of the (misguided) opinion that you might be able to win carnival games – read this.
The answer to the question that I am sure has been burning in your minds:

What happens when you give credit cards to panhandlers?

The verdict is in! Minneapolis owes zombes $165,000.

The morning coffee versus the hobos

Hawaii is considering banning homeless people from public transportation, in preparation for a new transit system coming online. While the article (and law) target “body odor”, such a proposition appears to these eyes to be targeted towards the homeless who likely do not have alternative means of transportation at their disposal.


Firefighters are being told not to drink energy drinks, as they dehydrate. Red Bull states that their drink is a functional drink and not a thirst-quencher. Thus, individuals should make sure that they drink lots of water when engaging in physical activity and drinking Red Bull.

It is true. Hot girls make guys dumb.

Go get linked

cupcake_burger Bullying is a real problem in schools these days, and has led to several things. One of these is the existence of anti-bullying workshops in schools. Another is parents suing schools for teaching their children not to bully gay kids.
Passengers on a Continental Airlines flight were forced to remain on the plane overnight on a small plane not suited for such things. My personal opinion is that those who made and enforced such a decision should be charged with forcible confinement. dwarf_games_shotput
static_movement Just in case you were worried that the education system in the UK does not properly recognise and reward out-of-classroom achievements: Competent teenager gets official certificate in recognition of his ability to board a bus.
Police officer has no idea who Bob Dylan is, forces him to return to his hotel to get his ID. remote_island
hory_ma_drawn_light Is somebody nearby having a seizure? It may be time to have them smell your boots.
In the midst of recession, being homeless is becoming illegal in America. attitude_chair
robot The concept of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends has just got even creepier.
A New York judge gives a man probation for a felony. At the same time, he sentences his cousin to six months for yawning in court. empty_dog