Drinking a morning coffee without any pants

So last weekend was the annual No Pants Subway Ride, put on by Improv Everywhere and we here at the Big Bad Blog have to wonder … why in January?

(Artist unknown. Found here.)

Here at the Big Bad Blog we have been reading a few articles about Mothering magazine, and have to suggest to our parent readers out there that they avoid taking their advice.

Finally, science is a bit weird. For instance, sometimes you have to throw out all your research because you accidentally bought the wrong mouse.

The weekend coffee, featuring glow-in-the-dark cats and more methane


Volunteers at women’s health centres apparently get pelted with small rubber “dog-toy” like fetuses
The Psychology of Conspiracy
If you need proof that the UK’s libel laws are over-the-top, check out the manner in which criticisms of a person’s behaviour need to be expressed, in order to avoid lawsuits.
As a denizen of the Internet, you are no doubt aware of that annoying quiz in which your own writing is compared to famous authors. But be aware that it is flawed:

Input some Lovecraft, and it will identify it as Orwell-like.

Input some Orwell, and it will be identified as being similar to Margaret Mitchell.

Remember a few weeks ago when we linked to scaremongering over methane releases from the BP oil spill? Well, now the scaremongering has gone even more extreme — to doomsday scenarios!

Of course, these do not stand up to scrutiny. But excellent scaremongering nonetheless!

Historians say that they have located King Arthur’s table. And here I was thinking that King Arthur was just a myth.

Are the stories about Merlin true, too?

It has been shown everywhere I look on the Internet. Everywhere. But I will still link to it, because I continue to love absolutely everything that Improv Everywhere does.
Need a place to crash for a month? Like museums? Then apply to live at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry for a month.

Oh, you get paid, too.

On the downside, you’ll be expected to write. Scary.

The morning coffee satisfies your searches

This morning’s coffee is dedicated to the multitude of searchers who find their way to the blog. I have stats that tell me what you’re looking for: eruptions, tattoos and ghostbusters. Also, I like mustaches.

So here you are, Internet. Everything you wanted to see in a morning coffee, but were afraid to ask for.

(Mount St Helens erupting in 1980, by Robert Krimmel)

(from Awkward Family Photos)

(Improv Everywhere recreates a scene in Ghostbusters, by Katie Sokoler)

(Part of a collection of foot tattoos at The Chive)

I hope I have developed a relationship to you today, dear readers. And that you love content. My content.