The morning coffee, Kermit and Nietzsche

I will admit to being a little bit lazy today. It might just be Friday, and I might not be as keen to hunt down links as I normally am. However, it is a weekday and the coffee must be made.

Hence: Abbreviated coffee!

Your news story today: A Wisconsin woman has gone on a blowgun shooting spree. We could not make this stuff up if we tried.

(by Joshua Kemble)

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.
And when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

The morning coffee: hacking your car, and blowing your bats

Slate takes a look at how Ray Bradbury’s writings have become a foundation for our mythology.

Apparently showing your colleague information about fellatio amongst fruit bats can result in a complaint to HR. Even if the information is acutally a peer reviewed paper, and you have been having a professional disagreement for which the paper in question provides an answer. It makes us wonder: will there never be a good time to bring up bat blowjobs to your colleagues?

Cars today often come with safety systems in which your car is remotely monitored — the remote monitors can call an ambulance if you’re in an accident, for example. Or shut down your car and send the location to the police should your car be stolen. Unfortunately — and, perhaps unsurprisingly — this second functionality can be hacked, leaving hackers in control of the car you’re driving.

Link madness

Looking for conversation with a London cabbie? You may be out of luck.
This man has a bear for a pet.
The CIA once added LSD to all the bread in one French town. At least according to one investigator.
Are you walking through a tube tunnel in London this weekend? Maybe you should be.
A Jackson, Mississippi prom was called off over fears of lesbians in tuxedos.
Live in London? Use the tube? Have an iPhone? There’s now an app for claiming refunds on delayed tube journeys on TfL. Not that tube journeys are ever delayed, mind you.
Sorry, Star Trek — warp speed will kill you.
The Universal Edibility Test.