Life in Malaysia

Today commenced the first day of the second week of my second trip to Kuala Lumpur. Originally scheduled for one week, it was extended (as these things sometimes are) and I am here for another week. Whenever I’m someplace that isn’t London, I feel that I ought to write about it in the blog — even when the trip consists mostly of hotel and office.

To the right, you can see what has become my standard travel picture — one from the hotel window, at night. These have been made much easier due to the presence of The Tripod, but this particular one is dampered by the fact that it’s the rainy season here in Malaysia and the hotel will not allow the windows to open all the way. The result? Rain-covered window. The photo still looks good in small, but not so much in big.

Below, credit must go to Mo, who noticed this food description at the buffet and mentioned that it needed to be photographed. I’m a little disappointed in myself that I did not try the food labelled “Mini Buddha Jump Over the Wall”, as I think it needs a review. If it is spotted again, there will be a follow-up and a food review.

Otherwise, as I seem to be spending over 20% of 2009 in Malaysia, I’ve given up on doing things that are tourist-like. For instance, Saturday was spent playing Guitar Hero at a friend’s house — hardly a typical tourist experience. At least I’m avoiding (reportedly) cold and windy weather in London, which is good. And avoiding the London cuisine, which is good.

My travel heavy year will continue in December, but with vacation travel rather than work travel. So I think this is a good thing. The volume of travel makes me feel that I should possibly make this blog a bit more travel-oriented at times. But what would be my perspective? What would I offer? I’m not sure that I want to write a standard travel blog.

Although, by the end of the year, I’ll have passed through at least seven different airports this year. Perhaps I should start doing airport reviews?

News from home

There was a plan for tonight’s blog: Put some photos up, talk about being in Malaysia, travel, et cetera.
But there’s a hitch in the plan, a hiccup. The photos won’t upload. Really, the blog was going to be mostly the photos. I forgot to change my camera settings from RAW to JPG, so it was a pain in the ass to convert them — my personal laptop, which I usually use for photo editing, is still in London. Once I accomplish this, I try to upload and … it just gets to 99% uploaded and sits there. That last one percent is important, apparently.

So instead, I give you news of good old Blighty, where I would be right now were it not for the work.

First, people are busy being ugly.

Also, Lady Thatcher has not died.

That is all. Go about your business.

(Image from this place here.)

The Malaysian Stonehenge

During our stay in Kuala Lumpur, Karen and I stumbled on something quite unexpected: Stonehenge.

In the middle of a park, located between the Planetarium and the Aviary, a miniature Stonehenge has been erected. Its purpose is locked away, shrouded in mystery.

I wonder if people make pilgrimages to it during the solstice.

Goodbye, Kuala Lumpur

My voyage to Kuala Lumpur is drawing to a close. Tonight I sleep, and in the morning I leave for the airport at 6:30.

It actually feels strange to be leaving — I have passed through several phases here, and am currently in some sort of settling in type phase. Nesting, if you will. This follows passing through “tourist” and “homesick” phases.

The apartment is starting to feel like home. The people here are starting to feel like friends. A routine which is neither dedicated to sightseeing nor work — but allows for both — has emerged. I am not in the false confines of a hotel room. In short, it is as though I’m living here, not visiting.

That said, I am looking forward to being back in London. Soon I will be on a plane as it crosses above the city. I will be able to see the London Eye, Big Ben and the Tower of London from the plane. If I have a good window seat, I might be able to spot my house.

A couple of hours after that, I will arrive at the Amaisonette. As much as I feel at home here, I will be more at home there.

Several jetlagged hours later, Karen will arrive at home from work, and the weekend will begin.

I expect it to be wonderful.

Thank you, dear readers, for bearing with the bizarre scheduling that has accompanied this sojourn to Asia. We will be returning to our regularly scheduled programming on Monday.

We now leave you with GOLD!