The morning coffee asks you to stop

In Cranston, Rhode Island, somebody decided to put up six hundred stop signs without the city’s permission.

Just … bam. Overnight. Six hundred new stop signs. Maybe.

Or maybe not.

But it’s great to think of it as some sort of strange performance art piece with traffic flows around the city restructured overnight.

Apparently the art piece is permanent though — they must have needed them, because the city council just voted to keep most of them.

Photo is by Erik Almas, found at My Modern Metropolis.
Webcomic is Cyanide and Happiness by Rob.

In which we link to robots, bears and sundry

Airport security instructions for dealing with monkeys.
The best way to get to school in the morning? The flying fox, and a sack.
Upcoming Hollywood movies include those based on the video games missile command, asteroids and space invaders.
Bear Wars! Coming soon to a Canada near you.
The Catholic Church is suing Columbia Pictures, due to the appearance of a 130-foot high statue in the film 2012
Quantum Mechanics: Now visible to the naked eye.
The dangers of having an exercise left for the reader.
Pepsi is removing its products from schools by 2012.

The morning coffee dreams of electric sheep

Oops. It might be that I am now sued by the daughter of Phillip K Dick. After all, if being inspired to name a phone after one of his characters results in a lawsuit, why not an article on a blog?

(by Mortiz Waldemeyer)

Full body scanners are having a delayed implementation in the UK — not because of the intrusive nature, expense, or that they are unlikely to actually improve security on the airplanes. Because of the children. Using them to scan those under eighteen for weapons and explosives apparently runs counter to Britain’s child pornography laws.

Finally, from the world of science, a new planet has been discovered. It is, apparently, made of styrofoam.

The morning coffee, toads and peas

The world’s greatest pea shooters gathered together recently to compete in the world championships. There is some controversy over the use of laser sights on pea shooters.

(Photo by Kumon)

We cannot say enough good things about dirt. It makes you happy. It makes you healthy.

Would you like to own the car from Ghostbusters? Then get your $45,000 (US) together, and head over to eBay now. The auction is over, but the reserve was not met … meaning that it may still be available.