The morning coffee and the kidnapper’s suit

Planning a kidnapping, and wondering how you’ll deal with things when you have to sleep? One kidnapper solved this — or so he thought — by coming to an agreement with his hostages that they would not turn him in as he slept.

Only — surprise, surprise — they did turn him in. So he’s suing his hostages for breach of contract.

Fucking hostages. If you promise something at knifepoint, you should stick to it!

Photo origin unknown. Found at Eiknarf.
Webcomic is Happle Tea, by Scott Maynard.

The morning coffee blogs with caution

Be careful what you blog.

Not quite an old saying, but perhaps it should be. A blogger in Minneapolis lost a court case in which he was sued for $60,000 when a man was fired as a result of something he wrote in his blog.

Not for libel — what he said was true. But because the plantiff’s employer felt that the revealed mortgage fraud was cause for dismissal. (Side note: apparently the plantiff agreed, because he did not sue his former employer).

Here at the Big Bad Blog, we do not believe that we have caused anybody to be fired. But we’ll keep trying.

Now we will segue directly to Mayans …

Photo is from 1898, in Kensington. Found via Shopkins-fossick.
Webcomic is The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, by Justin Pierce.

The morning coffee and the mustache cat

Some days, I miss my cats, though it has been about five years since one cat died and the other one was given away in preparation for my emigration to the UK. It makes me sad just thinking about them. Were I to get a new cat, it would have to be one with a mustache. Like this one:

(The Path, by Michel Rajkovic)

Those legal firms who have taken it upon themselves to pre-emptively strike out against suspected copyright violators have suffered a setback in the UK. It seems that you cannot sue somebody who has not violated any copyright laws, particularly when you are not the copyright holder.

While on the subject of the law, there is somebody out there who spends far too much time pondering the legal ramifications of superheroes and super-villains. Sir, we salute you!

This weekend coffee contains dogs, experts, box flippers and Christmas spirit

This is why you should sell your old shit on eBay, instead of just throwing it out.

You just never know.

This is an excellent rant on how people are assigned to be “experts” by the media.

Reminds me that I saw a “dog expert” on BBC earlier this week. Not a dog trainer, or a veterinarian. Just a “dog expert”.

Sometimes, spam is beautiful.
One of the most awesome video-game related bloggings I have seen:

An analysis of Pac-Man ghost behaviour.

Add something new to the list of things that provoke inclusion on “terrorist” watchlists: Arranging screenings of documentaries on environmental issues.

Thank goodness. I mean, imagining having to sit beside somebody who enjoys environmental documentaries on a red eye …

Ever wonder how to get bees to make you some red honey?

Here you go!

Zoes of the world have lost their lawsuit against Renault, who will be allowed to name a car “Zoe”.
Have a fragile package that you’re putting through the post?

Avoid marking it as “FRAGILE”, or even “This Side Up”.