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Where did it go?

Welcome to the blog? Or not.

Back in January 2009, I started this blog at https://mrtopp.com titled Mr Topp and the Big Bad Blog. And then proceeded to write in it nearly 1,600 times.

In this time I got engaged, had a daughter, got married, and generally had life happen to me in many wonderful ways. I might have even occasionally had an insight or two.

But I also posted a lot of links to things I found interesting or funny on these here internets. But proposed EU legislation best known as the “Link Tax” (but officially known as the “Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive”) looks like it’s likely to actually happen at some point, allowing the sites I have linked to to charge me licensing fees for the links.

Hopefully this will never happen, because it’s stupid (or alternatively, because Brexit), but given how seldom I update things here these days it seems best if I just kill all the old content now to avoid having any links. I’m not terribly sad about getting rid of a lot of the garbage that I’ve published over the years, but there are a few genuinely decent things that will be missed.

In theory, I might go over old posts and re-enable ones that don’t have links (or have safe links) (or remove links). There are some things I’d love to have back … but 1,600 posts is a lot.

I’m not deleting the blog though. It’s still here. I may even write in it once or twice a year.