T-2 Months

It’s all getting a bit too real.

A small set of things that have happened this week:

  • I ran twenty miles for the first time
  • I did my first photoshoot for donors of £50 or more
  • I received my running shirt for the race
  • I ran without a pad under the ball of my foot for the first time since the morning of the stiff toe

It seems that this thing is really happening.

I can cover the distance. I have a shirt. And I’ve successfully trained through my first injury, only missing a single training day. (Assuming that I don’t wake up with a case of stiff toe tomorrow).

We are now two months from the start line … and one month before a costume decision is made, and donations no longer count towards what I’ll wear on the day.

Support me.

Leaderboard Update

Who gets to decide how I dress for the London Marathon? One month and three days before costume choices are finalised, and we have another leaderboard shakeup.

The leaderboard:

  1. Mark M – £55
  2. Mike F – £51
  3. Adam A – £50
  4. Mark T – £50

Thus far, nobody has nominated a specific costume, to garner more support from other donors. The leaderboard represents cumulative donations by costume (where possible), or by person (where no costume is nominated).

Shake things up through your donation to Shelter

4 of 52

When I try to come up with ideas for these photos, I typically think to myself: ‘What have I been doing lately?’

The answer, unfortunately, is always the same: Running

Yesterday I ran 15 miles for the first time since running in Shelter’s Urban Rush back in October – and I even managed it in about the same time, despite that it was not actually a race.

I think that means I’m faster now. Which probably means that you should be supporting my marathon run for Shelter. In all seriousness, it’s been cold here in the UK this winter, and this is money that helps put and keep people in homes, where they can be warm and safe. It’s important stuff. It also means you get to dress me up while I sweat, which I hope sounds like fun.

In any case, here’s Big Bear, aka Beary, aka Rosie, dressed in my Urban Rush shirt:

A marathon of an update

Dear people,

I have been meaning to write for some time – I have been neglecting you. There is a marathon to be run, and updates to give. Many updates. Too many updates.

A Fundraising Update

So it turns out that Virgin Money Giving takes less money as admin fees than JustGiving does. So I’ve moved my fundraising to Virgin Money Giving. This means that Shelter will get more money, and since Virgin runs the marathon, I guess it makes sense there too.

Currently in the lead as Top Giver is my dad, at £50. He has not yet suggested the fancy dress for me to run in — but there’s lots of time to topple him from the top of the leader board!

Donate today, and dress me for the marathon.

Training Update

Not too long after my last update, I managed to hurt my foot. I was running neither far nor fast when I hurt my foot, so we’ll have to attribute it to the random things that can strike anybody at any time, and not to overtraining.

In any case, it’s all better now – and I got two entire runs in before succumbing to man flu.

Here’s hoping that I’m getting all the bad mojo out early – I’ll have a few runs over the Christmas break, and will start a 16 week program on 1 January with the intention of being ready to go in April.

Board Games!

Many thanks to the folks who joined in on the King of Tokyo for Shelter! challenge in November. We raised £25, which is lovely.

… and one last thing

Remember to support me!

If you donate money today, Shelter gets it today.

We’re into the holiday season, and long cold nights. Let’s help people keep a roof over their heads, people.