The morning coffee is monsteriffic


I love them and hate them. As a cultural phenomenon, I think they’re fantastic. I love the Zombie Survival Guide, Zombies the board game, almost everything to do with zombies. Except …

I have a strong dislike of horror movies. There are exceptions (zombies and/or Bruce Campbell help to create exceptions), but generally speaking horror movies leave me unmoved and disappointed. This creates internal discord, because zombies are intrinsically connected to the movie genre. Moreover, I find myself wanting to see zombie movies that I know (deep down) that I will dislike.

But internal strife or no, I love encountering zombies outside the cinema. Which is why this lecture on the neuroscience of zombies is one of the most fantastic podcasts of all time.

I am particularly fond of the suggestion that zombies may be constipated.

Image found at Beard Revue, originating at College Humour.

Webcomic is Manly Guys Doing Manly Things by Kelly Turnbull