Your pre-Halloween links

zombie_walk_kids All parrots should learn to enunciate properly. Professors wanted.
Have a witch problem? Get yourself a bottle. farm_girl
cotton_ball_maury_pauvich I write with dead people.
Quitting coffee: A case study. stormtrooper_pumpkin
autumn_tree A new iPhone calculator censors boobies.
Dear Airlines: Stop charging random extra fees for things. It’s not just for me. It’s for your own good. cat_obstacle_course
baby_hippo I do not understand Las Vegas’s obsession with card counting. Sure, if people use tools to do it, I can understand it being against the rules. But cracking down on people who do it in their head seems to me to simply be making playing the game well against the rules. How does that make sense?
Never send an amateur chemist to do a professional chemist’s job. abdomen