The morning coffee and the World of Warcraft

Here at the Big Bad Blog, our laptop is getting pretty old. While there is still some life left in the old thing, we are beginning to contemplate our next computer. The arguments go like this:
1. Ooh, Apples are shiny!
2. But also expensive, I could spend less money on something else that is ALSO shiny!
3. But the Macbook Pro is really nice looking. We like the way Apple stuff looks, feels and works.
4. But Apple behaves like this.

We think that the even numbered points will eventually win.

World of Warcraft and the law, part one: In which a criminal is addicted to WoW, cannot resist logging in, and is tracked down by the police as a result.

World of Warcraft and the law, part two: In which a teenage boy runs off to meet his 42-year-old lover met through the game.

Best of the Blog 2009

The Big Bad Blog is wrapping up our first year, and we now take a quick look back at the most popular bits from the blog this year.

Honorable mention: Rule Obsessions
We have written quite a bit about roleplaying here at the Big Bad Blog over the past year, but none of these articles have made our top five. Our look at those who are obsessed by the canonical text of the rulebooks proved to be the most read of these articles in 2009.

#5: The Bill Gates mock facebook page
This would seem to require no further introduction. Simply sharing a photo found online was the fifth most popular item on the blog in its first year. With 423 views, it was the only member of the top five not to garner 500 views.

#4: War of the Tubes

Back in August, I discovered that there exists a Cardboard Tube Fighting League, with chapters worldwide. It’s a fantastic idea, and a whirlwind of research quickly led to what would become the fourth most read article on the Big Bad Blog in its first year.

#3: Imprison the tourists
The first article on the Big Bad Blog to gain over 1,000 views, this was the first piece on what was to become a repeating theme on the Big Bad Blog — the harassment of photographers by the police.

Not surprisingly, this theme arrived around the same time as my photography hobby began and the photoblog category truly sprang to life.

#2: The Microsoft Dilemma
In June this year, it was reported that Microsoft would have to ship Windows 7 without Internet Explorer in Europe — but left to the company to determine how this was to be done. Microsoft later came up with a solution, and the European Commission dropped its case against them in December.

#1: The Marshmallow March
Shortly after buying my Nikon D300, the London Marathon was scheduled with the route passing only two blocks from my flat here in London. I wandered out to the race with my new camera, determined to take a ton of fantastic photos.

Nicole had told me that two of her friends were going to be running the race dressed as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and asked me to get a photograph of them. So I waited for them, long past the time when I would have otherwise left.

I was not disappointed — her two friends rounded the corner carrying a giant Stay Puft on a metal frame. I snapped away, and dutifully created the resulting blog post shortly following the race.

What a reaction I received.

I simply could not believe it, and continually refreshed my stats to watch the number of views increase. They finally topped out just short of 25,000 views — although that milestone has since been reached via the occasional random web surfer passing through. People were coming in from all over the internet, and it was fascinating to surf back to these places and see people coming in.

The marshmallow march shows how strange the Internet can be. Completely random things can simply catch lightning in a bottle, and what you wrote — or your photograph — can suddenly be everywhere.

Prior to this, I had only had approximately 5,000 views in the life of the Big Bad Blog — three photographs combined to get five times that number in approximately 72 hours. Today, that article still counts for nearly a third of all visits to the Big Bad Blog.

Hence, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is crowned the champion of the Big Bad Blog for 2009:

The morning coffee and the black screen of death

The wise consumer is never an early adopter of Microsoft operating systems — for whatever reason, Microsoft seems unable to get them right in the initial release. While security patches are an inevitability for any popular Operating System or browser, Microsoft always seems to face other issues. For instance their first update since the release of Microsoft 7 introduces us to the Black Screen of Death. Which might be a step up from the previous blue screen of death, but is still entirely unwelcome.


Presenting the UK’s smallest library.

Here at the morning coffee, we enjoy reading Science Based Medicine, but seldom link to it. For the most part, this is because it’s all the same: vaccines don’t cause autism. Homeopathy, acupuncture and other alternative “treatments” do not work, and are potentially harmful as they pull patients away from medicine that could treat their conditions. While it makes for informative and interesting reading, variety is the spice of the morning coffee. Today they write about a traditional Indian remedy that works. So go clean out your nose with salt water. It’s good for you, in moderation.

The morning coffee and the world’s strongest vagina

This morning’s breaking(!) news is that Google is creating their own Operating System. This is incredible news. For all that the European Commission has tried to nail Microsoft to the wall over Internet Explorer, the real monopoly is — and always has been — Windows. The only options available to users have been Windows, Mac OS (Apples only) or Linux (frightens away non-technical people).

By providing an alternative that (presumably) needs no more technical knowledge than Windows or Macs, but runs on PCs, Google may be introducing competition to the world of Operating Systems.


Meet the world’s strongest vagina. Here at the Big Bad Blog, we were previously unaware that they had a vagina weightlifting world record. We are happy that there are still things that take us by surprise, and wonder if there are vagina weightlifting competitions.

Gabe (who is a complete stranger to the Big Bad Blog) has a blog of his own: He is blogging the details of his very strange eviction. It features very strange episodes and landlord/tenant confrontations, and is recommended reading.