In which I attempt to distract you with nudity

While little blogging goes live onto the Big Bad Blog during the weekend. Lots of blogging occurs.

There is thinking about what to write.
There is thinking about the subjects I have chosen to write about during the week.
There is poking about the Internet for information regarding said subjects.
There is even, often, some preliminary writing done.

This past weekend, I was in Cardiff. Not doing these things.

So I have decided to distract you, on this Monday evening, and hope that I buy enough time to get something together for Tuesday..

Of the options available to me, I have chosen to distract you with boobs. These boobs were photographed by Aaron Feaver.

The morning coffee, chemistry, and pumpkin heads.

We here at the morning coffee have a new favourite chemical.

(photo of Carlos Estrada of Santa Rosa, California. Taken by Kent Porter.)

Police in Boulder, Colorado decided that participation in a traditional naked-pumpkin-run would result in being arrested as a sex offender this year, apparently despite everybody else in Boulder (including the mayor and city council) disagreeing with them.

Workpoop is a new calculator which will tell you how much you are paid for your bowel movements. Is there no question the Internet cannot answer?

Apparently the internet needs more naked Felicia Day

For some reason, not yet fully understood, most of the people who have visited the Big Bad Blog via a search engine over the last week have been looking for Felicia Day.

Felicia Day is over here. And here. And here. By the by.

(Edited for 2011: And also here.)
Those searching for Felicia Day are split, however, in how they would like to see her. A small minority (three of you) would like “felicia day sexy”. The majority — with over 50% of the Felicia Day searches — arrive here looking for “felicia day nude”.

We repeat that these trends are confusing for those of us here at the Big Bad Blog. We have blogged about Felicia Day on three previous occasions, back in August. And one of these posts does contain the word “nude” at some point. But … this is the Internet. Surely someone, somewhere has photoshopped Ms. Day’s head onto a naked body somewhere. And surely that is where such a search should lead. Or perhaps Guild fan fiction?

In any case, Internet searchers, I am disappointed in you. If you found your way to this blog in the past looking for Felicia Day undressed, you are simply not trying hard enough. Your Google-Fu is found wanting.

Seeing as these searchers are arriving on Big Bad Blog soil, we are trying to decide how to best capture the attention and interest of this demographic, nonetheless. The above mentioned photoshop forays or fan fiction? Impassioned public pleas to Ms Day to become a porn starlet? Some other ingenious and previously unthought-of bloggery?

Of course, there could be a strange twist to all of this. Apparently Felicia Day reads everything written about her on the Internet. Ms Day — are all these your searches?

Photo by THE BUI BROTHERS, found on Flickr.

This morning coffee is nude and covered in silver paint

Ah, marketers. Is there anything they can’t do? Oh, right — they can’t do science. Two fourteen-year-olds doing a science class experiment accidentally disprove Ribena’s ad campaign. As a result, GSK (who make Ribena) find themselves in court for misleading advertising.

(by Guido Argentini)

Do you like cars? Do you like the environment? If you said “yes” to both these things, the world is a tough place for you — hybrids are not sexy luxury automobiles. Sexy luxury automobiles are not hybrids. Until now.

The Bristol Zoo has a fantastic new sign outside their cafe.