Links, with more Star Wars than usual

Orwell’s preventative stupidity does exist.
A broken camera can fetch $500 on eBay. If you’re funny and show your boobs. And refuse to take offers for your cat.
Soy Jizz
Gandalf is mistaken for a tramp outside a theatre.
This man needs your Mad Skillz!
Mummified baby laid to rest, and then disappears from grave shortly thereafter.
My favourite newspaper headline pun of the month (so far). Or maybe last month.

Chef dies after feeling eel.

Businesses are so busy violating our privacy, that it’s nice to see the (rare) instance where they try to protect their customer’s rights. So bravo, Amazon!

The first of the August links

math_jokes Science: Necrophiliacs and amoeba are closely related.
You know that foreclosure rules are overly complex when banks are forced to sue themselves in order to foreclose on a home. Wells Fargo sues Wells Fargo. In its response to the complaint by Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo says “Defendant admits that it is the owner and holder of a mortgage encumbering the subject real property. All other allegations of the complaint are denied.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

ian_cameron A high school student is suing Amazon for ruining his book report when they deleted Nineteen Eighty-Four from his Kindle.
Have some awesome dinosaur fiction! origami_unicorn
science The Matrix — the online video game — has shut down. The story about how they went about closing the site is a good one.
What would you do if a naked woman confronts you while rubbing pork into your vagina? Not something most people are worried about, to be sure. But it did actually happen to Kanye West. boob_pudding
steampunk_mask Does your canine companion suffer from insatiable lust? If so, you may want to buy a doggie sex toy.
There is such a thing as mysterious goo. It is eating Alaska. wedding_cake