The morning coffee upgrades rock, paper, scissors

Tired of rock-paper-scissors? Is it too simplistic? Is it time to upgrade?

If so, the Morning Coffee presents to you Monkey-Pirate-Robot-Ninja-Zombie. Enjoy!

(Because we apparently cannot get enough of pigs in Wellies. This pig is named Cinders and is owned by the Keebles. There is a second photo in the Daily Mail.)

Will the Democrats become the dominant political force in Texas? Maybe not in the current election cycle, but it’s hard to see how a political party that has decided it will ban pornography, oral sex, gay marriage, sodomy and strip clubs if elected can win elections. Who, after all, dislikes blowjobs?

I’m always surprised when I see articles (like this one which express the opinion that women’s (or girl’s) sports are soft or docile. Such opinions can only be formed by people who have never watched women’s (or girl’s) sports.

The morning coffee gives advice to science teachers

We here at the Big Bad Blog do not have a lot of experience teaching science. However we do have a lot of experience in not teaching science. As such, we feel that we can freely give advice on what not to do. For instance, when a student is excited about their science project and showing it off to their friends, do not call the police and tell them the student brought a bomb to the school. Such actions do not reward or foster the student’s curiosity and enthusiasm about science.

At least the authorities have declined to press charges against the kid. For, you know, doing science.

(by Paula Arntzen)

A tower of power was built in August 2009, in Craigavon. Nearly immediately, people who lived near the tower started to feel ill, and attributed it to the electromagnetic radiation emanating from the tower. These people are suing — despite the fact that the (unverified) symptoms they complained about continued for six weeks during which the tower had been turned off, but the complainants had not been informed.

Question: Why have I never had a date like the one described here?

Have a Big Bad Weekend – with fog, snowmen and teleportation

The Big Lebowski,as Shakespeare would have penned it.
Instructional video: How to gift wrap a cat.
Friend and sometimes Big Bad Blog guest blogger curgoth investigates the employment opportunities provided by the power of teleportation.
Might the flu soon be a thing of the past?
In the future, will old people be able to heal as readily as young people? Quite possibly.
Is your brain overreacting? Just shut down parts of it using some fancy lights.
Extension of domain names into non-Latin alphabets is expected to be a boon to cyber-criminals.
Celebrity science gaffes of 2009.

The morning coffee and the minty danger

A ten year old girl in Commack, NY has been suspended from school for “bringing, and then distributing bottled peppermint oil to other students.” Apparently school authorities there believe that peppermint oil, being used in this case to make water taste minty, is a drug.

(by Brian Dettmer)

Discover asks: What happened to the hominids who might have been smarter than humans?

We all know that Bono is a twat. And when he goes on record in the New York Times, naively suggesting that America could emulate China in tracking content online and eliminating piracy in the process, you could hear the BoingBoing reaction coming. Unfortunately, with Mr. Doctorow on vacation, we will have to wait for the full reaction.