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When I try to come up with ideas for these photos, I typically think to myself: ‘What have I been doing lately?’

The answer, unfortunately, is always the same: Running

Yesterday I ran 15 miles for the first time since running in Shelter’s Urban Rush back in October – and I even managed it in about the same time, despite that it was not actually a race.

I think that means I’m faster now. Which probably means that you should be supporting my marathon run for Shelter. In all seriousness, it’s been cold here in the UK this winter, and this is money that helps put and keep people in homes, where they can be warm and safe. It’s important stuff. It also means you get to dress me up while I sweat, which I hope sounds like fun.

In any case, here’s Big Bear, aka Beary, aka Rosie, dressed in my Urban Rush shirt:

A project, at double speed

One thousand three hundred forty six

This morning, 28 December 2015, Maggie is one thousand nine hundred eight days old.

This morning, 28 December, 2015, I posted a picture to Flickr – one thousand five hundred fifty nine in the Maggie-a-day series.

The more observant amongst you might have noticed that the difference between those numbers is closer to a full year’s worth of days than it is to zero. Which means that I am posting year old photos of Maggie – when I’m not posting filler.

So, in an effort to play catch up, I have decided to start posting Maggie twice daily, until we are back to being only a week or two behind reality. Likely early in 2017. Maybe never.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled, double-speed, programming.

One thousand five hundred twenty two

One thousand five hundred thirty five

That’s the number of days included in the Maggie-a-day project, to date.

In reality, Maggie is nearly 1,900 days old and photos aren’t taken every day.

More days than not, the project is updated with ‘filler’ material – photos from days out and holidays, where I come back with dozens or hundreds of photos. These make up for the days that my camera gathers dust.

In some senses, the project is a failure.

There are not pictures of Maggie, day in and day out, chronicling her growth. It is not even updated daily. Five years in, and I have managed not to update it over 300 times.

On the other hand, it is also the most successful artistic project I’ve ever undertaken. Friends and family all over the world get to see my daughter grow up, and be a part of her life, despite the distance. There is a chronicle of her growing up, even if it is one that is a bit more disjointed than the one I intended at the outset of the project.

Maggie is still happy to pose for photos on a near-daily basis. The show must go on.

One thousand five hundred thirty five

The Maggie-a-Day

Day Six Hundred Eighty-nine V

This morning I added the above photo to the Maggie-a-Day series, as entry 722.

It’s not from day 722. It’s from day 689.

Day 689, by the way, was August 26, 2012. That’s summer, last year. It’s now May, the sun is out, and there’s every chance that I’ll be spending some of today outside, in short sleeves, in the sun.

So it’s pretty much the summer again. This photo is a year gone by.

It has also been five days since I posted entry 721 in the series.

There are good reasons for the last break. A busy schedule, Maggie’s been sick, I’m a little sick, and quite honestly this morning (Saturday) is the first time I’m firing up my laptop since Tuesday.

There are always good reasons. And the problem is that they’re cumulative; so much so that I can see a point coming where I am literally a year behind in posting, even though the project is not even three years in.

I’m pondering options.

The easiest way to catch up is to abandon the daily nature of the whole thing. I no longer take photos of Maggie every single day. If there’s no photo for a day, I could always just skip that day.

I could also double-up. Try to post twice a day.

Will I abandon the daily nature of the project? Will I seriously claim that my response to not being able to reliably do something daily is to do it twice every day?

I doubt it.

For those who follow the Maggie-a-day, I hope you don’t mind how far behind it’s falling, and continue to enjoy the photos of very-slowly-aging-Maggie.