The morning coffee is tuna-free

Since pre-history — before the beginnings of the Big Bad Blog — I have avoided eating tuna. I love tuna, but the tuna fishing industry appears determined to set fishing quotas that will lead to extinction, and then disregard those quotas and over-fish. I cannot consciously make decisions that lead to the probable extinction of a species, so I no longer buy or eat tuna.

Today, I find a second reason: Dolphin-safe tuna. Apparently, in order to make tuna dolphin safe, the fishermen must inadvertently kill a whole lot of other fish. Making tuna fishing safer for dolphins means making it more dangerous for every other fish in the sea.

So tuna: You’re still in my doghouse.

(by Delpht)

In 1972, the Procrastinators Club of America attempted to return the liberty bell.

Currently, 15% of Americans represent themselves as belonging to no religion. This is expected to increase to 25% over the next twenty years. US News examines the political ramifications.