The morning coffee, Hobbiton and Poe

We just now realised that this is a Friday the 13th. We apologise for the lack of gore in today’s morning coffee. We should have planned ahead. Instead, we realise this only after having picked out an entirely gore-free Friday coffee.

In news that everybody has already doubtlessly already seen, but for which we would feel remiss should it not appear in this space, Steven Slater knows how to quit a job.

(Hobbiton, once the pride of New Zealand the Shire, is now overrun with sheep.)

I am so happy that Edgar Allan Poe has joined twitter: I have stared with dread into the craggy sockets of the abyss & marveled at its resemblance to Facebook.

More on how your initials impact your life. Children who have a first name that start with an “A” have a tendency to outperform those with a first initial “D” in school. The theory is that we live up to our initials. We will experiment with this for my baby. She will have awesome initials. FAST, and encourage her to be a runner? LOOT, and encourage her to be a bank robber? We will see.