Your musical recommendations, please


Suddenly, your blogger finds himself a week away from holiday. This particular holiday means two long haul flights, and two long drives.

Which means that I would really like to add two new albums to my music collection, before the trip begins. One for the flights, one for the drives.

Driving is incredibly better when accompanied by rock with a driving beat. Or something that can be sung along to, loudly. Said rock needs to be safe for two-year-old ears.

The flight, on the other hand, could use something more laid back, so I can chill out with my complementary adult beverage.

So, my dearest internet, do you have any suggestions?

The morning coffee is about to rock

There is something distracting from the morning coffee this morning. A general feeling of anticipation.

On the “news including gross pictures” front, we present a man who had a fir tree removed from his lungs. Well, one of them. One lung (not fir tree).

(Photo by t-klick)

On why you cannot find AC/DC songs on iTunes. Or anywhere else in digital form. Which I agree is a pain in the ass.

We also feel the need to mention the great Amazon debacle this morning, in which they removed most of their GBLT content from their subject-based search. Making Light has the best summary of what happened (and potential causes) that I have seen.

Today’s webcomic is from Simulated Comic Product: