Your musical recommendations, please


Suddenly, your blogger finds himself a week away from holiday. This particular holiday means two long haul flights, and two long drives.

Which means that I would really like to add two new albums to my music collection, before the trip begins. One for the flights, one for the drives.

Driving is incredibly better when accompanied by rock with a driving beat. Or something that can be sung along to, loudly. Said rock needs to be safe for two-year-old ears.

The flight, on the other hand, could use something more laid back, so I can chill out with my complementary adult beverage.

So, my dearest internet, do you have any suggestions?

The morning coffee and the laws of time travel

Have you built a time machine?

Have you been sitting putting off using it, for fear of the grandfather paradox?

Fear no more! Grandfather paradox-free time travel is now available!

(Math from Tenso Graphics.)

There are plenty of people in the world who cannot read Chinese (or Japanese). Yet a significant portion of these people insist on getting tattooed with Chinese (or Japanese) characters. Here are their stories.

London is amazingly unfriendly to the disabled. It has many old buildings which are (unsurprisingly) inaccessible. Most of the tube stations require that patrons traverse stairs, nevermind the conundrum of minding the gap while in a wheelchair. Apparently the brains behind the 2012 Olympics are extending this inaccessibility to the internet, as well.

The morning coffee upgrades rock, paper, scissors

Tired of rock-paper-scissors? Is it too simplistic? Is it time to upgrade?

If so, the Morning Coffee presents to you Monkey-Pirate-Robot-Ninja-Zombie. Enjoy!

(Because we apparently cannot get enough of pigs in Wellies. This pig is named Cinders and is owned by the Keebles. There is a second photo in the Daily Mail.)

Will the Democrats become the dominant political force in Texas? Maybe not in the current election cycle, but it’s hard to see how a political party that has decided it will ban pornography, oral sex, gay marriage, sodomy and strip clubs if elected can win elections. Who, after all, dislikes blowjobs?

I’m always surprised when I see articles (like this one which express the opinion that women’s (or girl’s) sports are soft or docile. Such opinions can only be formed by people who have never watched women’s (or girl’s) sports.