The morning coffee and rejection

You know those shoes that claim that they tone your legs, butt, abs and/or pectoral muscles? Big surprise … it turns out that they do nothing of the kind.

The anguish felt when rejected (romantically) is similar to addiction. So you really can be addicted to love.

Finally, just as countries such as Canada and Britain are passing new draconian copyright/anti-piracy laws, in the United States — whose diplomats and corporations are the ones pushing for these laws — those very same laws are being watered down by the courts.

The morning coffee and the zombie tennis

I was watching the tennis last night, while surfing the Interwebs, and discovered this commentary:

What happens if we steal their rackets? If we steal their rackets, the zombies can no longer hit their aces and thump their backhands and keep us all prisoner on Court 18. I’m shocked that this is only occurring to me now. Will nobody run onto the court and steal their rackets? Are they all too scared of the zombies’ clutching claws and gore-stained teeth? Steal their rackets and we can all go home. Who’s with me? Steal their rackets and then run for the tube.

(Photo by Ashley Forrette. Art by Jolby.)

Planning on asking a woman on a date? It turns out that putting on some romantic music is actually a good idea.

Sometimes, one has to wonder how people find jobs such as doing scientific research on baby farts.