A weekend coffee!

With a changed name comes changed titles. Welcome to the first weekend coffee! It might look familiar.

In late July, police will patrol the entrances to Battersea Park looking to arrest people carrying water guns.
As you know, newspapers are busy setting up paywalls (or threatening to) and pushing for various new laws to protect their dying industry. It cannot help that they sometimes forget to ignore the rules that exist.
An English muffin maker lives in fear now that an executive has left for Hostess.
Mashable has asked an important question: Does Chatroulette depend on the cock, or could it exist as a Eunuch?
The Dodge Viper logo is just Daffy Duck, upside down.
Are you an MP who lost their seat in the election, and are still trying to figure out your next move? Take some inspiration and turn to stand-up comedy.
Do you own a URL? Then you should be aware that you could be sued by a random corporation, just because they want it.
Need help getting by? Here are ten rules to live by.

These links include boobs, penis and Robocop

Like to run on treadmills, but sad that you’re stuck in one place as you do so? You might think that the answer is to go for a run, but you’d be wrong. Instead, get yourself a treadmill that moves as you run. Kind of like running, but you can fall off.
An important fact to remember: There are real people on the other end of this Internet.
Want to boost your immune system? Go look at some sick people.
The strangest thing about this infographic? The most commonly stolen car in the US is a 1994 Honda Accord. Why would you want to steal a 17-year-old car? #2 is a ’95 car. And #3? The ’89 Camry. Over 20 years old! Crooks is crazy.
The best Venn diagrams the Internet has to offer.
Rugby. On ice. In Antarctica.
Do you think that the photos that you take are good? If so, it’s advised that when you go to print them, you avoid Boots.
Trying to avoid being picked up by red light cameras, speed cameras, toll cameras and the like? Here’s a new strategy you might want to try.

The morning coffee charges for discounts

Many people say that corporations are evil. I usually believe that this is untrue, but sometimes evidence to the contrary is uncovered. For example, AT&T has decided that they should charge you for having a discount.


Bacteria keeps moving on up! From disease-causer to key yogurt ingredient. Bacteria’s next trick? Computing.

Frekonomics on how to cheat at rugby. All you have to do is bleed — or pretend to bleed.