Links, including the Daleks of Easter

You knew it had to exist somewhere — a scientific look at penis injury due to insertion into vacuum.
What does a fetus see in the womb? Not much — turns out that it’s dark in there.
Want to be a farmer, but too lazy to shear your sheep. Well, you’re in luck — just go out and buy some self-shearing sheep. Have I mentioned recently that we live in the future?
The zombie movie flowchart.
It’s strange enough that workers are striking over a prohibition on drinking alcohol while at work. It’s even stranger when you realize that these workers are truck drivers.
Trying to convince somebody that global warming is real? Turns out that facts won’t help you.
A tip to adoptive parents out there — if you’re not happy with the child you’ve adopted, don’t just put them on a plane back to the orphanage with a note attached.
For Foursquare addicts — who will be the first Mayor of the North Pole?