The morning coffee and your British freedom

Before we begin, you may be wondering what the English need to do in order to finally win the world cup. The answer is simple: buy more cats.

The European Court of Human Rights have held up a prior decision which found the stop and search powers granted under the Terrorist Act to be illegal.

Finally, the government in the UK is accepting nominations for laws to repeal in order to “restore civil liberties”. You can throw your support behind the repeal of the Digital Economy bill here.

The weekend coffee takes on homophobia, good posture and ryanair

Is there anybody left out there who is actually willing to pay money to get on a Ryanair flight? If so, probably not for long, as the airline is adding standing-room-only ‘seats’ and toilet charges.
A Best Boy employee is expecting to be fired after creating an anonymous anti-iPhone animated video.
A victory for slouchers everywhere! Good posture is bad for your back.
We present logic to confound religious homophobes.
So there’s this guy with one eye, but two eye sockets. So he takes out his fake eye, replaces it with a “bionic camera eye”, and starts making videos.
Twilight is like soccer.
There are plenty of excuses for getting in a car crash. The behaviour of other drivers, children or animals running in front of your car, the bottle of bourbon you drank before getting behind the wheel.

But … you were being chased by a vampire? That’s new.

The Last Airbender? Roger Ebert hopes so.

Links, featuring Michael Jordan, Mayans, and tattoos of the ass

If you live in Nevada, you will be banned from voting while wearing a chicken suit.

The reasons for this, as explained in the article, do actually make sense.

But still. Weird. Wacky. Wonderful.

People like this guy are the reason why America’s “right to bear arms” is frightening.
The dangers of reviewing cars for a newspaper, revealed.
Want to know more about Mayan creation myths? It is recommended that you watch Space Jam, starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny.
A new type of adware takes its inspiration from Typhoid Mary. Instead of infecting computers directly, the infected computer displays no symptoms while it tricks surrounding computers to display adware.
I found a bookmark dating back to December — it discusses how Facebook was simplifying its privacy interface. I bookmarked it with the intention of offering some glib comments about Facebook wanting to reveal our information. Wish I had have done so — I could have been prescient!
Want to smell like a drunk? Then Beer Soap is probably for you!
In case you were wondering — we are living in the future. A man has infected himself with a computer virus.