The morning coffee and the case of the cold caveman

Scientists are pouring over a cold case — very cold, in every sense of the term. Approximately five thousand three hundred years ago, a man dubbed Ötzi Joe was murdered. And then remarkably well preserved in ice. Scientists are now reconstructing his final day.

Like mustaches? Like fingers? Like photos? Then you will be happy to learn of a Finger Mustache Photo Contest.

The first rule of Piracy Club is Don’t Talk About Piracy Club. That’s a good rule to follow in the Netherlands, where merely mentioning from where a film can be pirated is enough to be found guilty of distributing pirated material yourself. As usual, I would like those who come up with these lawsuits to use the precedent created to sue Google. Not because Google ought to be sued, but because Google has deep pockets, expensive lawyers, and the scale of the thing would soon make obvious exactly how ridiculous these things are.